About Us

Mother and daughter, Carla and Victorien, began Hollandse Sier in 2018. “Inspired by the beautiful portraits of women and men in regional costumes of Zeeland, we developed the idea for Hollandse Sier. Our love for art and interior led to this unique product.


In the 1900‘s your clothing, your jewelry and your hope chest were your most important possession. We enjoy sharing something of this time period. With these portraits we think we succeed. The right portrait on the wall feels ‘like family’, you may not know the lady, but still she belongs, and that’s the beauty of it all.


With the golden touches we bring the portraits to real life. In every light it creates a magnificent effect, but sunrise or sunset are our favorite moments. Those moments are also called ‘the golden hour’. Literally, that is the moment when  these beautiful portraits are at their glimmering best.


Let these portraits inspire you!

Hollandse Sier – Carla van Tilburg & Victorien Vos